IPBS/Business Manager

IPBS/Business Manager supplies a multi-dimensional powerhouse platform that combines compliance management support related to KYC/AML in addition to documenting simple or complex structures for individuals, trusts, partnerships, foundations and any other type of legal or legal-related entity. This product is your one source for managing complex portfolios including regulatory data for your clients and any parties associated with their account(s).

System DeliverablesAdvantages
Maintains complete client regulatory information Fully compliant with FTRA
Monitors corporate risk through automatic risk scoring and risk point allocation Integrated local interface with any watch list provider
Delivers ongoing data analysis and provides quantitative measurement of client’s financial activity Manages complex client data relationships and structures
Stores secure client and collateral information Reduced total cost of ownership of your infrastructure
Sets parameters and monitors activities to provide visibility to beneficial owner Improved operational efficiency and more accurate information to your clients
Comprehensive CRM functionality Established processes that reduce operational risk
Aggregates key client associations and relationships Enables multiple relationship record connection views
Full range of repeat frequencies for data releases Supports intricate investment strategies
Task management ability for pre-defined tasks with automatic notification
Corporate fee management capability

Developed for

  • Asset & Fund Managers
  • Private Banking Administration Personnel
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Mutual Fund Administrators
  • Prime Brokers
  • Trust Managers
  • Wealth Management Professionals

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