Stocks and Securities Limited Online eBanking

On May 29 2014 12:00 PM

Stocks and Securities Limited improves service and transparency with launch of online portfolio access powered by IPBS

International Private Banking Systems (IPBS,, the specialist provider of wealth management software for the private banking sector, today announced that the IPBS e/Banking module is successfully powering the launch of a new online service at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).  Customers can view investment portfolios and their statement of account online, allowing for a more transparent user experience.  Since it was launched, customer feedback has been very positive and SSL is pleased with adoption rates.

SSL has been using the IPBS private banking and wealth management system to support their operations for the last five years.  It was therefore a natural progression to use the modular platform when it came to introducing online portfolio access.  Customers register for online access and receive a username and password which allows them to log into their account 24 x 7 via a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Mark Croskery, President and CEO, Stocks and Securities Limited said, “Since we launched the online service in October 2013 we have been pleased with the customer adoption rates. Our adoption rate to date is 6.95% of our approximate 5,000 customers with Assets under Management (AUM), and our goal is to achieve 20% by the end of June 2014.  In an age where user self-service is paramount, we now enable our customers with a choice of how to access vital information on their portfolios.  They can still contact a financial advisor, or they can log in directly via our website which is constantly available.  The IPBS e/Banking module from IPBS has allowed us to extend our product offerings and further build on our reputation for offering outstanding customer service and thus reinforce our tagline ‘Your Partner for Prosperity’.”

Bruce Raine, Founder and President of IPBS said, “By extending the range of services offered by SSL, it is keeping pace with evolving customer demands.  The internet has revolutionised many aspects of business and online access to vital financial data is a priceless commodity.  The IPBS private banking and wealth management system leverages the latest technology to put information access and delivery at the fingertips of customers.”

Croskery concluded, “The enhancement to our offerings has enabled us to significantly improve our service delivery and transparency.  Our customers appreciate the ability to view their asset holdings and statements in near real-time.  The IPBS platform has been instrumental in allowing SSL to retain our competitive position, for example, there are no time limits on viewing historical statements of account and we do not charge for this on-line.  Additionally, it will open up opportunities for the diverse local population to invest through this portal from Jamaica. We have freed up time for our financial advisors and maintained our focus on service standards and customer care.  This in turn will have an impact on customer loyalty and long term satisfaction and continuing to ensure our customers feel safe and secure with us and we are loyal to them as their financial partner.”

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